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How To Color Your Hair Naturally Without Chemicals? Is That Possible?

Carmen rocking colored natural hair achieved WITH chemicals. But it's possible to color natural hair without them.
Carmen rocking colored natural hair achieved WITH chemicals. But it’s possible to color natural hair without them.

Yes! It is possible to try a new hair color without using damaging chemicals. Chemical hair dye solutions, especially those designed for home use, have very strong potent chemicals. These potent chemicals have offensive fumes, and can be dangerous to health. Just take a look at the warning labels on the box, and you will see an entire list of warnings and unpleasant hazards. The labels suggest to test a small area of your skin to make sure there isn’t an allergic reaction. Many people do not respond well to hair dye chemicals. Even people who do not have an allergy have suffered rashes, burns, and discomfort from chemical hair dyes. The label says not to get the chemicals on your skin. It says to use in a well ventilated area. Don’t leave it on too long. Don’t inhale the fumes. Unfortunately, avoiding the unpleasant side effects is much easier said than done. You might be thinking, there has to be a better way! You are wondering how to color your hair naturally without color. Is that possible? Yes indeed! You can save yourself the hassle and you can also save some money by trying a new shade with these natural alternatives.

Natural hair dye alternatives are better than chemicals all the way around. They don’t have harsh fumes. They do not cause rashes in most people. If you accidentally spill some onto your skin, the worst that may happen is you might have a change of skin color for a few days. They are fun to make, and you can try new things for different shades. The ingredients you will need to color your hair naturally without chemicals are going to generally cost less than over the counter hair dyes. They are only a small fraction of the price of chemical treatments. The natural solutions are also much better for your hair, as they do not cause chemical damage. So if you don’t like your color, you can naturally color it again without risking further damage. Here are some great natural ideas for changing your shade or adding highlights.



Be bold and go redheaded with beets! Beets have been used for centuries as a powerful red colored dye. It’s so simple to do! You probably can get by with using just one beet. All you need to do is boil your sliced beet. You will see how quickly the color begins to turn the water red. You only need to boil the beet for a few minutes. Then turn off the stove and allow the water to cool. If you would like to add an extra dose of color, save the beet slices. You can put the entire mixture into a blender, mixer, or food processor to blend it all together. You will get a nice vibrant red with this mixture. All you need to do is apply this mixture to your hair, leave in for 20 minutes, and rinse. If your original hair color is light, you will only need to do this process once. If you have darker hair, you may need to repeat the process, or leave the solution on for a bit more time.



Chamomile tea is a great way to highlight your hair to a golden blonde color. If you are a natural brunette, you can add beautiful highlights with tea. You will want to brew your own tea for this process. You can use a great prepacked tea for brewing. You can also brew dried chamomile flowers by adding them to boiling water, and straining. Now you will want at least a liter of tea for this process, and maybe more for long hair. Make sure you give it a chance to cool! When you are pouring this onto your hair, make sure you have a container so that you can catch the excess tea, and then repeat. Once you have the hair fully saturated, leave the tea on your hair for at least one hour before rinsing.



You can dye your hair a lovely shade of brown with green walnuts peelings. You will need about 20 green walnut peelings for this mixture. You will want to cut up the peelings, and then puree or grind these with a blender or food processor. Once blended, you can mix the puree with hot water, and this will be your hair dye. If you have a hair coloring brush, you will find that helpful for this method. If you do not own a hair coloring brush, you can work the mixture into your hair manually. Leave this in for at least 20 minutes. The next step will depend on your desired permanency. If you want a temporary change, then you will be finished after rinsing with water. If you are looking for a more permanent color, then you will want to rinse the mixture with vinegar to give the color a proper set for lasting color.

You’ve asked how to color your hair naturally without chemicals, is that possible? And hopefully, we have given you the answer you were looking for. Yes! It is possible, fun, affordable, and healthy to create a fabulous new hair color naturally without chemicals.


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Written by Aubrey Ginsberg

Aubrey Ginsberg thought it would be fun to share her journey from makeup, fashion, natural hair, to wigging it.

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  1. I would like to try the brunette color. Are there other alternatives than green walnuts? They are seasonal and hard to find in some areas.

    Thank you

  2. In your passage your mentioned (for redheads),
    “You can put the entire mixture into a blender, mixer, or food processor to blend it all together. You will get a nice vibrant red with this mixture.”
    What Mixture?
    Prior to this you mentioned boiling beets. Nothing else was spoken of that would create a mixture. Are you saying to put beet slices and beet liquid (once cooled) into blender?
    Thanks much for clarifying, because the article is pretty cool.

  3. Cool gadget!
    The color is beautiful HOWEVER, you DO have to use a lifter if your hair is dark. I was really wanting something that would prevent me from having to lift but this is NOT it. I’m sharing a photo of my hair done with this Lime Crime Unicorn Hair…the part that was already lifted was beautiful but the new growth did not produce enough color and needs to be redone.
    Regards and thanks in advance.

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