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Sista Sound Off | Curls Abroad: UK Edition

Hair, hair, and more beautiful hair. Natural hair is such an inspiring thing to sightsee abroad. Recently, I visited London and received a fresh dose of hair perspective. Since perspective is like a clear lens with which one can view any given situation, I soaked in the beauty of women rocking their natural hair all throughout the streets of London. Locs, afros, and braids captured my eye on the tube and down shop lined sidewalks.

London had many perks. It’s a city filled with diversity. Strolling within a one block radius, my auditory senses were ignited by several languages and dialects. Likewise, the restaurant options were abundant. Foods from around the world abound from authentic Italian to delectable French macaroons. London had it all.

London postcard to MNS
London postcard to MNS (mugs can be purchased here)

With all of London’s perks, its rainy weather was a challenge. Due to various surprise showers accompanied by strong wind, I found myself with a major case of frizz and only a limited amount of hair products on hand. I needed Google. I searched “natural hair salons in London.” The results were several promising options of salons specializing in natural hair.

Many salons are trendy and staffed with experienced professionals in their craft. After three hours in a local salon, I departed feeling enriched by conversations with my fantastic stylist from the Caribbean, a hair tip (apparently deep conditioning with a mashed mango and a shower cap rescue breakage), and beautiful mini twists.

Café stop after twist service.
Café stop after twist service.

Natural hair has a global presence. It was refreshing to soak in a piece. Since my twists will last several weeks, I’m crowned with a lovely travel souvenir. It’s a giant world, I’m thrilled to see it while collecting hair memories to boot. Cheers.

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Written by Monique Hibma

Monique is a doctor’s wife, SAHME (stay-at-home mom extraordinaire) of three, and an English teacher on hiatus. She is fitness focused and strives to live a life of excellence. Faith, love, and service are her notable driving life forces. Monique writes an inspirational blog ( reflecting on "the medical journey."

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