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Carmen of My Natural Sistas
Carmen of My Natural Sistas

In many instances, the old adage, “you get what you pay for” applies. Fortunately, this does not apply to exercise. Exercise can be 100% no strings attached, completely, and utterly free. It’s
simply about effort and consistency. Exercise is fundamental to a successful life. In my husband’s line of work as a physician, he sees countless patients with extensive medication lists
and poor health. Many could change their prognosis with the addition of movement. Today, exercise is cluttered with expensive memberships and trendy clothing to wear to classes. However, we have to remind ourselves it’s all about being active.

I decided to re-incorporate outdoor walks into my exercise routine as soon as warmer weather arrived. After a purchase of hand weights and the creation of an uplifting playlist, I was set for success. On a crisp April morning, I stepped into nature for an invigorating glutes toning and bicep burning cardio session. In thirty-five minutes, 140 calories were burned and I gained numerous benefits to my body. Best of all, nature didn’t charge a thing. Furthermore, since all one needs to do is step outside, walking is a huge time-saver. With no commute or parking space search needed, a session is based solely on getting exercise.

Outdoor walks can be multi-purposed. Live in the city? Incorporate a stop to the neighborhood grocery store and snag a healthy snack for after the walk. Another option is to walk to your favorite healthy local casual eatery. It’s quick and easy to map out an enjoyable scenic city session. Live in the suburbs? Bring along a plastic sack and glove. While walking, beautify the neighborhood by picking up litter found along the way. The neighbors will be grateful and you just might start a beautification movement.

One can even be social. Bring a friend. Have a phone conversation. Stop to introduce yourself to a neighbor on your cool down. Need a moment to yourself? Enjoy the noise of the city or the sounds of nature. Listen to new music from start to finish. Regardless, the most important thing is to just move. A simple walk is a great way to keep striving towards healthy living and a successful life.

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Written by Monique Hibma

Monique is a doctor’s wife, SAHME (stay-at-home mom extraordinaire) of three, and an English teacher on hiatus. She is fitness focused and strives to live a life of excellence. Faith, love, and service are her notable driving life forces. Monique writes an inspirational blog ( reflecting on "the medical journey."

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