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Fall NPC Bikini Fitness Competition 2014

Hey Sistas! I didn’t bring home a trophy from my latest bikini fitness competition, which is always, you know, disappointing to some, but I’m still happy. I reached a tremendous goal and exceeded it. Out of like 40 girls in my class, I got second call outs, which is in the top 10! And I didn’t lose to just any type of chics, 3 of the girls in the top 5 (first call outs) were national competitors, so I did good hanging with some big timers. Thank you all for your support! Taking a couple of days off, then it’s time to get back at it for my March show in 2015! All I’m doing really now is toning, not dropping. Plus my wedding is in May! Never give up sistas, keep pushing!


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Written by Carmen

Carmen is the baby sister in the trio. Shes loves fitness, makeup, and Hello Kitty. She's also a personal trainer, so when she's not online, you can usually find her at the gym.

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  1. Carmen you look amazing!! Please give me some pointers to get fit again. Also where at is your workout gym? I’m in Clear Lake area.

    • Thank you so much! Im in the Woodlands, TX, which is far north Houston. Getting fit is all about consistency with eating clean and going to the gym. Once you start, don’t give up. A great way to stay motivated is remembering why you started. Always keep your goal in sight, no matter how far off it might seem.

  2. I had the privilege to meet you guys and your mom at the Bridal Expo last year, you guys took a picture with me but sad to say my phone got water damaged and lost my photos. I’m going on 6 yrs natural and have not been happy ,Carmen I’m on the desperate verge of getting a Wave Nouveau this Mon or back to the perms, please help ya Sista out. I’m in the Clear Lake area. I would Def go to your shop in H. Town. Your mom said we have the same texture so may she can help me out before I go do something I will regret :(

  3. How cool is this! I’ve been up and down on whether or not I want to compete. I trained for a little bit and got the body I was happy with. Now to get back to flippin my tires. I want my body back. Lol I’m not too far off but since I made a bet with hubby, we’re competing against each other. I’m gonna win. I’ll keep y’all posted.

    Good friends of mine competed. And after watching them go theough it, I’m good . Lol

  4. Hey I want to enter a bikini fitness competition. I have a lot of weight to lose but I like to set big fitness goals and work towards them. I will need to go down about 50/60 lbs for the competition but I believe I can do that by next year. Can you recommend any competitions in my area (Greater NYC area) so I can attend and see what I’m in for?

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