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My Weight Gain, Stress, and Motivation

Hey Sistas! Weight Gain. This is a hard thing to discuss, but my goal is to share more with you all this year. It’s always great to talk about losing weight, but I rarely see people talk about the actual weight gain. I didn’t document my last weight loss journey, but around four years ago I lost 50 pounds. Since then, I’ve gained around 20-25 of those pounds back. It has been really difficult to find the motivation to get back in the groove of living a healthier lifestyle. My weight gain was gradual and mostly caused by stress and the overwhelmed feeling caused by my job. I was in a funk and had so many excuses as to why I couldn’t do what I knew needed to be done to lose the weight. It’s so important to realize that you need to take control of your body and health and stop to making excuse. Evaluate your life and make the changes that will contribute to living a longer, healthier life. If you know you’re going to be too tired to workout after work, wake up early and workout before you go to work. I know, I know, it’s hard to wake up in the morning, especially when you have to muster up enough energy to go to the gym. I have a technique that really helped when I worked out in the morning that could help you. Set a loud, annoying alarm and place it in another room, so in order to turn it off, you will have to get out of bed and walk around. By the time you get to the alarm clock, you will probably have enough energy to officially wake up and go to the gym. I give more examples in the video, so watch it and get motivated to make a change in your life. It’s hard to get started, but once you do, you’ll be so happy you did.

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  1. Hey India,

    I just started a 6 weeks ago working out at home. The main reason is I was laid off for the entire summer and to keep my mental state up I joined a low cost membership gym. In September I was blessed to get a new position and. Now with a new work schedule and my 9yo our evening time is limited on available time for gym. I decided to purchase the TRX system I have used it for the last 6 weeks and I love the endurance I am building. My biggest challenge is losing my tummy and I know this takes far more time than building muscle mass. A big issue for me is my diet. I am doing a smoothie detox for the next few days because I am convinced what indigest is affecting not just my middle but also my skin. I write all of this to say that for moms who are interested in creating an in home gym it is possible. You have to keep yourself mentally motivated on a daily basis.

  2. Hey India, I know this has been about almost a year since you wrote this but I can definitely relate to what you’re saying. This is where I am now or was, because I am taking control, taking my body back. Thanks for sharing, I appreciate that. Thank you.

  3. Hello, im a stay at home mom. My youngest child is a little over 12 months…the problem is getting back motivated. I have no energy at the end of the day. Please Help! any suggestions? Thank you

  4. Im in the same situation. My weight gain has been gradual and ive been getting a lot more comments than actual support. My schedule is very over whelming, to the point where I don’t get time to myself until very late at night or on the weekend sometimes. Eating doesn’t usually fit in my schedule either, i never have time to do so until dinner really, and its not healthy food most of the time, its whatever i can find in my fridge. I have decided to make a change though. Im going to start waking up 30 mins to an hour earlier to work out at home since I don’t have easy access to a gym. Im going to try to eat healthier foods and encourage my brother to do the same (since I cook for him). I really do wish i had more support but I cant let the critics stop me. If anything, they should be my motivation . I just hope i can be consistent.

  5. You really got me thinking and there is no reason why I shouldn’t be working out except the fact that I lack motivation. I have to report to work at 6am so I know that mornings are out. I’m just going to have to just do it. I have type 2 diabetes so I know I need to start. Thanks for sharing.

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