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My Vegan Thanksgiving

Hey Y’all! Here’s a quick recap on my plant- based Thanksgiving feast as a vegan. I made my very first vegan friendly stuffing, mac ‘n cheese, and rice crispy treats as a vegan.

Vegan Stuffing Recipe:

Vegan and Gluten Free Mac ‘n Cheese:

Vegan Rice Crispy Treats:
I used Dandies Vegan Marshmallows and Earth Balance Vegan Butter as replacement ingredients.


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Written by Toni


Toni is the middle sister in My Natural Sistas. She enjoys sharing natural hair tips, styles and her passion for living a Vegan lifestyle

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  1. I must say its a bunch of taste and health all together. Great post.

  2. This is called as healthy food for workout lovers. Yes, it is very important to stay healthy and fit while workout. We you eat well then only you will do well.

  3. Hello Mrs. CARMEN,
    I have been natural for several yrs, however. I decided to grow Dreads, and I wanted to knowhow do I strengthen the roots of my hair with all natural products. I don’t utilize any parables whatsoever. Please help.

    Lost Dreadhair

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