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I’m going Vegan

Hey Sistas! I’ve been vegetarian for almost 5 years and I’ve decided that becoming a Vegan would be such a reward not only to my health, but the planet as well. Right now, I’m currently transitioning into the vegan lifestyle. In this video, I share what pushed me to become vegetarian and what has motivated me to transition to Vegan.

Informative Food and Nutrition/Health Related Books I Recommend:

Health Documentaries I Recommend:

Are you Vegan? Are you thinking about transitioning? Head over to The Sistahood Forum and interact with other people who are either living the Vegan lifestyle or thinking about taking the leap. And subscribe to our YouTube channel to view more videos and stay updated on new uploads!


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Written by Toni

Toni is the middle sister in My Natural Sistas. She enjoys sharing natural hair tips, styles and her passion for living a Vegan lifestyle

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  1. Hi Toni!

    I applaud you for your dedication to become a vegetarian then transitioning to vegan. I have been contemplating back and forth about becoming a vegetarian and I think I’m going to do so after the holiday. Would love to bring in the new year cleansing and detoxing my mind & body. You and your sisters are such an inspiration to black and brown women. Thank you!

  2. You are such an inspiration right now at this point I may not be ready to live vegan life style but been thinking about it. I’m transitioning to just eating fish only and veggies and fruits.

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