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    I am 35 and had 5 wisdom teeth out 8 days ago (yes I had an extra one) under a general anesthetic. I never had very much pain from the actual extraction areas, just what was to be expected. But ever since I have had a chronic headache and pain along my jaw, particularly on the right upper side close to my ear. I went back and explained this to the dentist in Edmonton a couple of days ago, he looked inside my mouth and commented how good a job I have done keeping my mouth clean, that it seems to be healing well and said he doesn’t think it’s an infection based on a visual examination and the fact I don’t have any other symptoms. He mentioned that I shouldn’t be in this much pain at this stage but that was it. He gave me a script for endone and Valium (as I have not managed to get more than 2 hours sleep each night – due to waking up in pain from headache and jaw pain). Even the endone combined with paracetamol does not get rid of the headache or jaw pain. Now I have to wait another week to go back for another follow-up.
    Can you guys help me out in figuring why exactly am I having headache and jaw pain?

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