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    Hey everyone,
    I am a girl who is planning to get married in 4 months. I was planning to undergo a weight loss programme so that I can reduce my weight. But when I approached a health fitness freak. He told me that I should reduce the cellulite in my thighs else it will be odd. He told me along with this programme I should under cellulite reduction too. I thought of trying some home remedies like coffee scrubs and dry brushing which was suggested by one of my friends. But the problem is that it will take time for the reduction. I need to reduce the cellulite before my pre-wedding shoot, that is in 30 days. I am not sure that these two home remedies can help me in that. It will be nice if you can suggest some home remedies that can reduce the cellulite in no time. Or else I should undergo some cellulite reduction treatment. Thanks in advance!

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