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    I’m from Toronto. I’m going through the worst face of my life. My boyfriend and I live together. We dated for three years and started to live together. I know we love each other. I know no relationships are 100% perfect in this world. Though I lost my hope, I think even when we live together, we are moving apart. I feel I’m distant from him. I couldn’t see him interested as much as me! Once I tried to convey my feelings towards him, but he said it is because of my overthinking! I don’t know. But I have lost the hope I had for the future. I’m not ready to leave him yet! I have a job, a car and a loving family I’m independent. Though I don’t think I can leave without him. Maybe he was correct, this is happening because of my overthinking. I confessed my feelings to my friend, she said I should consult a registered psychologist for a counselling. Now I feel it is better to have a mind refreshment, I consulted a psychologist on the telephone, after hearing me, they said it would be better if I had a couple therapy. But I have no idea about how I’m going to convince him to meet a psychologist for a relationship therapy!

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