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    I am having a serious problem and no one close to me will believe me on it. I had my jaw lock open on me two years ago. Since then my jaw has become more painful and it has happened two more times, each time getting more painful. I recently went to my regular dentist and he told me if I want to fix the spaces in between my teeth the only way to do that would be to go back to my orthodontist and get braces again. I mentioned about my jaw locking out to my dentist and he said nothing.
    I already have a night-guard for the problem but it doesn’t feel like it works! My question is what should I do about it. Should I check for TMJ pain treatment, or is it something else?
    I want to get it fixed so it doesn’t happen again cause it hurts me all the time! but my parents side with my dentist back home and won’t believe me about it and say not to go see anyone else but my dentist! What should I do

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