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    My friend has a hearing problem with her left ear. She is hesitant about wearing hearing aids to treat the hearing loss! Her case is like when we speak very loud or repeat the sentence she can hear. So she thinks it is better to go without hearing aids as she considered it is negatively affecting her confidence. Even though she doesn’t use aids, still consulting a nearby audiologist. I know the doc for the last few months, he is genuinely trying to stimulate her hearing skill. They are also doing some therapies and all.
    Last day when we went there, the doc talked to me.Emma(my friend) is suffering from a headache because she is not wearing the aids!! The doctor said, if she is still unwilling to wear hearing aids then it will lead to depression or can even affect her mental health!
    He wants me to talk to her regarding this. Or he wants me to fetch her for a counselling session. She seems completely incorporating!! How can I convince her?? I’m in chaos!!!

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