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    We bought a prehung outside door and a screen door from Home Depot last year for the replacement of the doors in an outside storage building. My husband just went to put up the screen door, and it does NOT fit into the door frame. He was assured at the time of purchase that it was for the prehung door he bought.

    It is too wide by about a quarter of an inch(wider than the door frame).

    Another problem is that the standard door handle on the door comes clear out to almost the edge of the door frame, so even if we routed out some of the door frames for the screen door, it would not close because the door handle would be in the way.

    What are we missing here? Is the screen door supposed to go on the outside of the frame, not the inside? We can’t see how to mount it right.
    Can a door replacement company fix this issue? Or just have to go back and get another door instead of this?

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