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    I feel like one of the things that is put off the most is “wash day,” which I understand because I do the same thing lol but I’m trying to get better about being consistent :) I have been natural for almost five years (in April) and I feel like I’m at the point where my hair is not growing. So I evaluated why that is. I usually keep my hair in protective styles, such as braids and mainly twisted updo’s. I also sleep with a satin bonnet pretty much every night. So I was confused as to why my hair seemed like it wasn’t growing as fast as it did in the beginning. Then I remembered that when I did the BC, I consistently washed/wet my hair. I co-washed 2-3 times a week and at the end of the week I’d do a full wash (FW) with shampoo and conditioner but as my hair got longer I changed it to washing my hair every 2 weeks. My routine was to wash my hair, twist/braid it (my own hair, I don’t wear weave), leave that style in for 2 weeks, wash and repeat. So I concluded that I needed to start washing my hair more often.

    With that being said, I am so excited to start washing my hair consistently again! My routine will consist of alternating between co-washing and washing. For example: week 1: FW, moisturize, protective style and moisturize my hair throughout the week as needed, week 2: co-wash, moisturize, redo protective style if needed and continue to moisturize throughout the week, and so on and so forth. So far I have been doing this regimen for one month and I have already noticed that my hair and scalp is a lot healthier :)

    Has anyone else changed their hair routine and noticed a change (bad/good) in their hair?



    I use to wash my hair only once a month while transitioning and while fully natural. Doing that I experienced no growth except for my natural hair growing out and clipping off the relaxed parts. Once I was fully natural my ends would split like crazy. Still no growth. So in September I decided to deep condition and wash weekly. The longest I go is a week and a half bc my hair can’t take it. So far it’s grown about an inch and I also keep it in a twist out with low manipulation (it’s the only style I know how to do) and no heat for past 2 months. Co-washing isn’t for me bc I feel like my hair isn’t clean so I shampoo, condition, and dc weekly. I’m trying to make it until May without heat bc it’ll be 4 years I’ve been natural. What I do with my hair is dc weekly, trim every 3-4 months and no heat. It’s been working. Good luck to you

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