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December Giveaway | Matte Lip Paint Bundle From Coloured Raine


Hey Sistas! THREE people will win a Matte Lip Paint Bundle from Coloured Raine that includes 9 beautiful colors!

Women of color are often an afterthought when it comes to cosmetics. Lorraine Roberts-Dowdy, the founder and CEO of Coloured Raine, created a brand that carries bold, colorful, cruelty-free cosmetics that fit every skin tone, and they look absolutely stunning on women of color. Lorraine launched Coloured Raine in 2013 because she longed for a cosmetic line that encouraged self-expression and diversity. The brand that she has built is renowned not only for its beautiful array of colors, but also the amazing quality of the formula. From eye lashes to eye shadow and lip colors to nail colors, Coloured Raine has it all and for more than reasonable prices.

We are excited to be able to share this brand with you and give three people the opportunity to win a bundle of 9 beautiful lip paints. All of the paints dry matte leaving your lips vibrant for hours and require an oil based product for removal. They are also Cruelty, Paraben, Gluten Free and Vegan!

Giveaway Bundle Includes:

  • Whatever – True mocha liquid lip paint
  • Classy – Pink-tinged white liquid lip paint
  • Swerve – Deep Eggplant liquid lip paint
  • Bachelorette – Dark rose pink with pale chocolate undertone liquid lip paint
  • Marshmallow – Grey taupe with muted rose pink liquid lip paint
  • Tootsie – Dark chocolate with subtle cherry tones liquid lip paint
  • Soul – Greyish brown with a slight purple undertone liquid lip paint
  • Roulette – Dark rouge with purple undertones based liquid lip paint
  • Sugar – Pale rose pink with creamy nude undertone liquid lip paint
Carmen rocking Bachelorette
Carmen rocking Bachelorette
Carmen rocking Roulette
Carmen rocking Roulette

This giveaway is closed. Congrats to the winner!

Coloured Raine Matte Lip Paint Bundle

My Natural Sistas

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  1. I could not agree more. I’ve reached a point where I’ve actually stopped wearing lipstick because it just never goes with my dark skin tone! Anyway love these colours so much, especially Whatever, Swerve and Roulette!! :)

  2. I am still one of those women who are afraid to try different colors. This would be awesome to have to see what new looks are waiting for me.

  3. Hi,
    I have always been insecure to try different color lipstick (or any lipstick) because I’ve always felt like it didn’t look good on me. But I am inspired and excited that there are products out there for black women to not only be empowered, but to also be beautiful!!

  4. I think my favorite color would be soul! I’ve seen it on a couple of women and it’s a beautiful color. Great giveaway!!!

  5. I absolutely love lipstick but its hard to find a purple that works its never “dark enough” swerve looks like it would be perfect and Roulette I just fell in love.

  6. I purchased from coloured raine about a year ago and the pigment didn’t pay off as much as I liked and the consistency was streaky and the finish was way too drying! I hope they have improved the formula since then…I have been wanting to try again but didn’t want to be disappointed.

  7. Oooowwhh loving me some matte lip colourssssss. The model kinda has the same skintone as mine, so I’m excited about this. Hope I win. Good luck fellow sistahs!!

  8. It is so great to have make up companies cater to us women of color! I Love the shade Roulette it looks like a deep beautiful Burgundy!

  9. I love how you all support other black women. You all are truly inspirational from Toni and her health kick with eating right, to Carmen and her blogging on YouTube and now getting back into a fit and healthy lifestyle, and India with you opening up to allow us subscribers into your life and pregnancy! I watch you all almost everyday, continue to keep up he good work and remain to put God first! Love you guys !

    Tiffany B.

  10. I love these colors, I would love to win the bundle. Finally add something ladylike to my life, I don’t beat my face so my lips will have lots of fun in these in 2017 😀

    Thank you My Natural Sistas for these giveaways x

  11. This us just awesome. I live their give always. Lipstick has always been my thing being that I dontbwear full face make up. That Roulette would most definitely be a color I’d frequently wear. However, I love all colors!

  12. I love liquid lipsticks and it’s even better when I don’t have worry about them working for my skin tone. All these colors are gorgeous but I think Soul has to be my fave.

  13. I am so excited about this giveaway! I love this lipsticks. That you for the opportunity. I love you ladies you all are awesome.

  14. I hope I can win this giveaway! I’ve been shy to try on new colors. I always put on some transparent lip gloss or nudy pink lipstick. I could experiment with some colors for a change!

  15. Wow, do I love these colors. It’s hard to find the perfect lip color. Usually lipstick looks good in the store, and even on my wrist/hand when I try them. Then when I get it home and try to wear it, I look like a clown. So I mainly stick to glosses, and Chapstick. I would loooove to try this line of colors, they look great on the models!!

  16. All of these colors look so amazing. I have also been interested in stepping out of my comfort zone when it comes to lip colors and this would be a great start.

  17. Absolutely love lippies! They’re my favorite part of makeup! I don’t currently own any Coloured Raine products so this would be a great start for me!

  18. I love the lipstick from Coloured Raine. My favorite lipstick is Arabian Nights, and my favorite liquid lipstick is Truffle Raine.

  19. I LOVE that there are more brands that are catering to brown skin women! This is giveaway is awesome, and I would love to try all of these colors.

  20. These colors are GORGEOUS. It’s so hard to find a good matte from multiple color schemes that look good on my brown colored skin with out it looking dusty.

  21. The names are so creative, they had me excited before I even seen the colors! lol
    I really love “swerve” and “tootsie”, and it’s amazing that they cater to black women

  22. OMG!!! I.NEED.SWERVEEE!! Definitely going to purchase this. Giveaway or no giveaway! Keep making these bomb lipsticks please

  23. So excited about this giveaway. Colouredraine has omen of the best matte lippies hands down. Hope I am one of the lucky winners!!

  24. I love that this company offers bold colors and allows me to see them on women of color! It makes it easier to see how they would look on me before I purchase.

  25. I love the model Carmens’ haircolor. I was suppose to get my hair dyed purple this month but because another girl has her hair colored purple I cannot do. Although we look nothing alike and are totally different backgrounds my co-workers are so uninformed when it comes to comparison they will definitely compare us. Which is highly annoying. They will say we have the same hair color, we should take a picture together, and of course post it on Facebook. This will annoy the heck out of me. So to avoid going off on these heffas I will wait until she changes her color and then get my purple.
    But I do love the lippies on her. Unfortunately I am now on a strict budget and cannot purchase anything else unless it is benefiting my future home. I hope I will. I really don’t wear makeup a lot but I will put on a lippie in a hot minute.

  26. WOWOW everyone of these are gorgeous! I always struggled to feel good in makeup, but I’m very slowly getting to a place of being comfortable in my skin. My lips are, next to my nose, the most prominent part of me and I used to feel self conscious about it (I went to a predominantly white school all the way through college). I’m finally learning to shut the noise from society out and focus simply on what makes me happy, and this giveaway could help me on that path to self acceptance and celebration

  27. Ive heard if this company and have DYING To give them a try!!!!! Love that they support women of color and their lip shades are the bomb!

  28. I like the roulette! I love dark , matte lipstick ! I feel attractive with it and I would definitely choose the Roulette one. ( by the way it looks good on you Carmen )

  29. I love this brand so much! Love that it’s Black owned and caters to woc, but what I respect the most is that this brand is cruelty free!!!

  30. I love these colors!!!!!!!!!!! I wish they had pictures of all girls, all shades so there can be a clear representation but they are beautiful

  31. I have been worried about wearing lip stick because I thought nothing would look good on me. But after seeing this I feel more comfortable about wearing lip stick.

  32. It’s always been a struggle rocking certain colors of lipstick just because they usually don’t match my skin tone but alas!! Here we are…these are beautiful and I cannot wait to try them out It’s wonderful to know I can finally rock these with total confidence

  33. I’ve never used Coloured Raine before but I’ve seen some great reviews on it and I love what the brand stands for. Instead of complaining and begging other people to include us, we are doing our own thing and making it work for us.

  34. Okay… could I…..or anyone not be excited about this month’s giveaway! lips and eyes are the most exciting part of makeup application….at least in my opinion. I loveeeee Coloured Raine products and the fact that they cater to black women just add a special type love in my heart!!! And lets talk about these colours….OMG!!!!! There is nothing left to ask for. They are just some gorgeous colors!

  35. I’ve always wanted to try matte lipsticks. I could never find any shades that I thought would look right with my complexion, but the whatever, swerve, roulette and tootsie looks like colors that I would wear all the time.

  36. I have literally been stalking their app forever lol. I love the colors they have and love that they all go well with our chocolate skin!!! I would love to win but good luck to everyone!!!

  37. I love that the model is chocolate. This makes me more likely to try the colors since I have some idea of how it will look. Yaass!

  38. Thank you so much for this giveaway. I was looking forward to try their product and I think it’s owned by a black woman, right?

  39. I love all the colors but my fav are the bachelorette and Roulette I hope i win!!! I would love to try I rarely wear makeup and would love to try these!

  40. Funny thing originally I was looking for differences in the hair…I was scrolling through thinking it was a hair brand ad….I’ve never tried these but the color look so good.

  41. I’ve been wanting to explore new lip colors, especially sense I’m new to makeup. Being on a budget makes it hard though. I love all the lip colors, too bad we all can’t win

  42. Thank you for giving people the opportunity for giveaways! More importantly congratulations on your baby:) and Merry Christmas

  43. Yay to vegan!! I love vegan products. Love you mynaturalsistas! Let your lights continue to shine and be a positive inspiration for the black community!

  44. I love watching the videos and reading the articles on. NATURAL HAIR. This is my one spot stop for All my hair care needs and information.

  45. Love all of these colors and mostly the reason that this company was launched, so awesome! I love a good matte lip so I’ll definitely have to give these a try

  46. Omg I’m so excited!! I love coloured raine and would really love to win this give away so I can pop out with all these colors!

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