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January Giveaway | Sweet Makeup Bundle From Beauty Bakerie


Hey Sistas! TWO people will win a sweet bundle of makeup from Beauty Bakerie!

Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics Brand is a San Diego, California based makeup company that was founded in 2011 by South Bend, Indiana native Cashmere Nicole.

At 26 years old Cashmere was diagnosed with breast cancer. This diagnoses pushed Cashmere to follow her dreams and leave behind a legacy for her daughter. Instead of accepting breast cancer for the lemon it is, she decided to take this lemon and turn it into lemonade by creating a brand that was focused on being “bitter not better.” With this newly found life motto, her mission was to share her story with the world and show that it is okay have a sweet disposition.

When the Bakerie was born, Cashmere got to baking up her sweet treats from her own home. With her determination, Cashmere grew her business from her own kitchen to moving to San Diego, California in 2015, where her business continued to grow and thrive.

Beauty Bakerie is known for their smudge proof, water proof, long lasting formulas that are sure to outlast anything life throws your way. From bold brows to lips they have you covered with their sweet confections. Beauty Bakerie is a cruelty-free, vegan, gluten free brand made with a little extra sugar! Their sweet confections have their customers on a sugar rush that promotes ethical branding and empowerment to all.

Beauty Bakerie has been featured in Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, Nylon, Beyoncé.com and more!

Giveaway Bundle Includes:

  • (1) Brownie – The No Bake BROWnie Dip allows you to define brows better than ever before. This highly-pigmented, long wearing, waterproof gel will glide on smooth and precise.
  • (1) Gelato – Lining and defining your eyes has never been easier. The gel liner is smudgeproof and waterproof and designed to last.
  • (1) So Icy Illuminator – So Icy has many uses: Dust to highlight specific face and body features, sweep lightly over cheeks as a blush topper, and add shimmer to your eyeshadow.
  • (1) Neapolitan EyesCream Palette – These sugary powdered eyeshadow shades come in 7 shimmers and 5 mattes for perfect colorful creations all year long! Neutral enough for those melanin-rich dark skin tones to the sun-kissed olive and fair skin tones. The shadows in this palette are perfect to wear alone, or layered and combined with the cream based EyesCream cream shadow collection or Sprinkles.
  • (2) Lip Whips – Long-lasting, smudge proof, and water-proof lip colors.
  • (1) Lip Whip Remover – Not only does this product remove your lip whips with ease, its packed with Jojoba and other oils that will immediately hydrate your lips and leave them so completely soft.
  • (1) Sugar Lip Scrub – This product can be used to exfoliate as well as rehydrate and moisturize your lips. This scrub can also be worn alone for a beautiful, natural look.

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Good luck, sistas!

My Natural Sistas

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  1. The story behind this organization is so powerful! I applaud Cashmere for not only being so strong to fight back but to also use that energy for good – create a legacy! I proudly support up and coming entrepreneurs that have a positive story behind their passion…I am excited to support this brand.

  2. Hi My Natural Sistas!! This is an awesome Giveaway, I have never used the Beauty Bakerie products, I hope I’m one of the blessed winners. Thank you for always thinking about your subscribers and for being fabulous!

  3. I love, super love you ladies. I have been watching you for years.long before I knew how to use YouTube. Lol. I didn’t know that I was supposed to subscribe until I started my own channel a few years ago. It also took me a while to notice I was watching different ladies until one of you spoke of your mom and how she was helping with a project for you class. (Students) I love your family dinamic and wish more black families would aspire to be more like you. Our community would be much better off if they did. God Bless you ladies. P. S….. kiss that beautiful baby for me. I love kids. Wasn’t blessed to have my own so I love everyone else’s. Is there a P.O. Box that we can send gifts to? I like to send something for the baby and a sample of my hair and body butter. I just want your opinion. Ok……I’ll shut up now. I apologize. God Bless

  4. I read the story and was empowered. I applaud Ms. Cashmere for her determination because the product is beautiful and I hope I win.

  5. Happy to see a negative turned into a positive. Good luck to all the giveaway participants and thank you my natural sistas for the opportunity.

  6. Such an inspiring story! It shows that no matter what trials and tribulations you face , you can make your dreams come true.

  7. everything looks amazing ! i love bakery food and this just looks awesome to try . i need lots of new makeup and love food love u guys thanks for the opportunity ! ❤

  8. This post is inspirational but is the quote supposed to say “better not bitter”?

    I would love to be a winner of this giveaway as it ties in with my attempt to learn and try more makeup. I would also support her efforts as I can relate as a single mom.

    Keep up the great work!!

  9. It’s such a personal struggle to find makeup that I think would look good on my skin tone, or at least show up. Learning about BeautyBakerie gives me new hope. Fun! ^.^

  10. I’ve been hearing about Beauty Bakerie a lot these past months and have been DYING to give them a try, hopefully I get to, but good luck to everyone.

  11. This Beauty Bakerie set sounds and looks great. I’ve heard a lot about Beauty Bakerie and would love to try them. I hope I can get the chance to.

  12. I hope I win! I really want to try the gel liner and see how that works for me. And I would love the brownie dip!

  13. I have never even heard of this brand before! I’m so excited to try them out, even if I don’t win. I love the fact that they are vegan. And the story behind the brand is inspirational.

  14. Everything about this giveaway is super cute. The packaging, the awesome story behind the brand and the product features are great.

  15. Happy New Year! Omg i’m so excited about this giveaway cause if been dying to try these products for a while now,hope i win :)

  16. It’s beautiful how the Beauty Bakerie came to life. It’s a reminder that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. I would love to indulge in these sweet treats and try my best to pull of some stunning looks…I’m only a #makeupnewbie

  17. I love companies that are interested and want to add positivity to the world of ethical branding ! Im new to makeup and why not start with a company such as this ?

  18. Amazing giveaway!!, so excited to participate in it. Would love to try the lip whips, well actually everything since these products are vegan, cruelty and gluten free.

  19. It’s a toss up for me, between the Neopolitan Eyeshadow palette or the Lip whips! I’ll go with the Lip whips, you can’t ever have enough Lippies! Thanks

  20. I’ve been wanting to try these for so long! The color payoff looks incredible, and I love long it seems to stay. Realllyy hope I get to try via this Giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  21. Her story is so powerful! Brings hope to all that may be fighting as well and even those who aren’t. I have had family members who have gone through the nettle as similar as Cashmere’s. Such a sweet feeling to formulate new ideas and bring forth positive lights even through unexpected times!! I’m excited for the this giveaway!! Good luck to all who entered as well! Peace out Sistas ❤️

  22. It is so awesome to know that through a tragedy can always be a triumph! Great inspiring story! I always love learning about new brands that I can purchase and add to my collection. I would love to try out the “So Icy Illuminator”

  23. It’s never too late to follow your dreams. Let the story behind the creation of Beauty Bakerie be a lesson to us all. Beauty can be found in the face of adversity!!

  24. This make line is beautiful! I love the fact that the lip whips don’t smudge! Winner or not I’ll be teething this line really soon!

  25. Im really excited to try these products because Ive heard such amazing things about them. Im trying to expand the makeup collection I have and try new things, and these sound so perfect

  26. I love what you ladies are doing, making a difference and offering a holistic approach, not only focusing on beauty but also health and wellness. Keep up the good job and thanks in advance for my prize :-)

  27. My husband and I have a BIG secret and I thought using the beauty bakery products would be a cute way to announce out secret! ❤️❤️

  28. Excited about the giveaway, the packaging is so adorable. I’d love the eye shadow pallet. Happy New Year Ladies!

  29. Am really touched by the story behind Beauty Bakerie, its truly amazing. well Happy New Year Natural Sistas and yes am equally excited for this give away.

  30. The concept and business model of Beauty Bakerie is genius! I just learned about this company not too long ago which is why I’d love to win. I’m also a makeup newbie and deciding to just go for it with learning how to do my own makeup to enhance my everyday looks. Would love to win. Thanks for the opportunity!

  31. Black owned vegan beauty brand!! I’ve been wanting to try some products out for a little while – winning the giveaway would be perfect! :)

  32. It’s always great to see strong, empowering and successful black women help lift each other and their ethnicity through positivity. Thank you for sharing this! I’m excited for this giveaway and I look forward to following up with the Beauty Bakerie line !

  33. I am always in awe of people who take strides in changing their lives for the better despite what life throws at them. Truly amazed at the power, strength, and willingness to turn something scary into a beautiful life moment. I wish only continuous success for her brand and the fight against cancer! Much respect-Rose

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