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July Giveaway | Lush Cosmetics | $100 Gift Card


Hey Sistas! TWO people will win a $100 Gift Card from Lush Handmade Cosmetics!

Lush offers luxurious and ethical creams, soaps, shampoos, shower gels, lotions, moisturizers, scrubs, masks and other cosmetics for the face, hair, and body, as well as unique gifts filled with fragrant and effective products. 2015 marks Lush’s 20th anniversary of creating innovative cosmetics using fresh fruits and vegetables, the finest essential oils and ingredients that are ethically and sustainably sourced. Never tested on animals, every single Lush product is vegetarian, and about 85% are vegan, 40% preservative-free and 35% unpackaged. Lush supports Fair Trade, Community Trade and charitable initiatives and follows the simple policy: have the least possible impact on the environment while still producing beautiful and effective products. Lush has more than 240 locations across North America. Learn more at

We absolutely love Lush products and enjoy visiting the store and discovering new items at least once a month. We have been shopping at Lush for a few years, so you may have even seen us use Lush products in some of our videos. In addition to having amazing products, they have great customer service which makes the shopping experience even more enjoyable. We’re so happy we were able to partner with them to bring you this giveaway. If you haven’t tried their products, do yourself a favor and visit the closest location ASAP. You won’t regret it. And also be sure to enter this giveaway for a chance to win a $100 Gift Card.

Some of our favorite Lush products:


Good luck Sistas! And let us know what products you would get from Lush in the comments below!

This giveaway has closed. Congrats to the winners!

$100 Gift Card for Lush Cosmetics

My Natural Sistas

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  1. I would buy so many much needed facial and body cleansing products that I have wanted for so long. I tried the mask products once and it was amazing for my sensitive skin.

  2. I tried a face mask from Lush once when my friends and I went on a trip, and I loved it!!! It made me face feel so so so smooth & was so relaxing. I would love to try out their lip balms and hand lotions because I have very dry hands. Thanks for holding this giveaway!! :)

      • Yes! My body feels incredibly clean when I use Lush soap, it’s moisturized and there is no residue. The moisturizer that I use is Vanishing Creme, and it’s the only moisturizer that not only moisturizes, but leaves absolutely no residue whatsoever (I have only skin). I usually use the toner (Tea Tree, Au Roma, or Sea Breeze) in the morning, and it leaves my skin clean, but not stripped.

  3. After seeing India (which I consider my bff even tho I don’t know her) lol use Lush it was just something I had to try because I try everything she tries. I fell in love with Lush, I would go crazy with 100$ to lush! Angels on Bare skin, boy boy boy, AMAZEBALLS!!

  4. I love Lush! I’ve tried a few of their facial moisturizers, but not their soaps yet. And the ocean salt scrub is the best and lasts pretty long

  5. I like how this product is vegan and natural. I would love to try the different products that this line has to offer.

  6. If i won i would buy one of there facial scrubs. I have mild acne. Ive used so many products. The ones ive ysed work for a while but after my face gets used to them. So if like to buy facial scrubs and a gift for my mom.

  7. Since day one I’very always loved Lush products, I love their cupcake mask, but my favourite is the mask of magnaminty, just lovely products in all!

  8. Yes, just what I would need after giving birth to my son. I experienced some bad acne during this pregnancy (pregnancy plus the Arizona heat has been harsh on my sensitive skin) and looking for some new products to try. I’ve heard so many people rave about Lush products!

  9. I would love to try some of their face masks as well as their bath bombs. I’ve heard really great things about both and I’m a sucker for skincare products and bubble baths.

  10. I absolutely love products from lush! Not only do I love their products but also the message behind their brand. I love their bubble gum lip scrub! And their shower gels….they are just BOMB

  11. Super excited about this giveaway!! Love LUSH cosmetics and this Blog!! This space has helped me out tremendously as I embark on my 2 big chop!

  12. Definitely would try some of their hair productsnb and buy my son some of that wiggly soap. We went into LUSH the other day to pick up his bath bomb and I wanted him to see the soaps but he saw the pretzel spot and got distracted.
    I need moisturizers for my poor strands and some thing to combat this breakage.

  13. I always wanted to try lush products… I would buy some lip scrub, face and body cleanser, soaps, hot oil treatment.. GL to whomever, if I don’t win

  14. Oh My! I have never tried LUSH products but I would love to give them a try. Hope I win. And thank you ladies for this awesome giveaway this month.

  15. I’m so excited for this giveaway! Lush is a great company. I remember taking my mom in there for the first time, and she loved it :)

  16. I’ve never tried Lush, but I’ve heard so many great things about their products. How convenient that one just opened not too far from where I live?! Hopefully this contest will give me a chance to go crazy and see what their products offer!

  17. OMG! I love Lush but affording it is a challenge. I’d love to try their cosmetics (lipstick and eye shadow) plus their natural deodorants are nice and doesn’t have the scary cancer causing ingredients. Plus, I want to try their henna hair coloring stuff.

  18. Ive heard so much great reviews about the products that Lush offers, but I havent gotten the oppurtunity to try them out as yet, mainly because they are sold where I live. Their products look really amazing. I would really love to try them out and I hope this giveaway will give me such an oppurtunity and to really see what their products have to offer.

  19. I love their lip scrub and facials. I also love the shampoo bar and conditioner. With this gift card I would try the facial wash, hot oil treatment, henna, and body butters!

  20. Oh this would be so exciting if I won at least one product, I’m so happy about the good lush products that are offered in this month’s giveaway

  21. I heard good reviews of lush products and all the great benefits they offer for our skin and beauty So excited to enter this giveaway

  22. Sooo many products I want to try from Lush!! I watch the youtube videos and would like to see what everyone is raving about :).

  23. I’m excited for this giveaway! I currently use the Black Charcoal Soap and the Tea Tree Cleanser from LUSH and I absolutely love it! It’ll be great if I could win this giveaway to stock up on some products and share with a couple friends.

  24. I would absolutely love to try Lush!! I have seriously been trying to venture into more natural products to heal my skin. I have heard nothing but amazing things from them!

  25. I LOVE LUSH products. My favorites from them thus far are Dark Angels, cup o coffee, woosh shower jelly, and olive branch shower gel. I’d love to try their ocean salt scrub because it smells so yummy as if you could eat it

  26. Excited about this giveaway! Even if I don’t win Lush has great products and I’m glad MyNaturalSistas is getting the chance to share them!

  27. Yeeeesssss honey! I’m in love with LUSH body products. I’m super excited to to try the lip scrubs because I haven’t experienced that yet! This giveaway is on fleek.

  28. I’ve been wanting to try lush for a while. Glad to get some feedback from you all on the products and company. Definitely giving them a try.

  29. So after seeing India using the hot oil treatment from Lush, I went to check out the store. I bought the hot oil treatment and the henna. I was super impressed with everything about that store.

  30. I’ve used the Dusting Powder and love it. I bought it on my first trip to Lush. They are right about the customer service. It was awesome. There was someone there to explain all the products to me and help me narrow down my decision. Love Lush!

  31. I’ve been a fan of Lush for years! I would definitely be able to restock and share with friends if I win this gift card.

  32. I would love to win this giveaway. I have always eyeballed the Lush products online. We don’t have a Lush in Memphis, and this would be a great way for me to go ahead and try things out that I have been scoping. Also at 37 weeks pregnant with my first baby, I could use a nice pick me up, bad!

  33. This would be RIGHT ON TIME I’m getting ready to do some skin care shopping this week and LUSH is already on my list!

  34. I’m interested in both the Roots and Kinky hair treatments. As well as the Dark Angels facial cleanser.

  35. Really nice giveaway… Never tried Lush products
    I would use the gift card on more hair products and /or tools of course. ( Lush …MANE …soultanicals)
    Still haven’t found a good combination to loc in the moisture

  36. LUSH is addictive! I can only go every so many months…..LOL Love their bath bombs. I feel like a Queen every time I use one!!

  37. Wow! There are so many things I want to try! I have heard great things, but never experienced it b/c I am familiar with another vegan brand and I have been on the fence about trying something new. As a winner of the giveaway my shopping spree would include: Tangled Hot Oil Treatment, African Paradise Hot Oil Treatment, Eyeliner in the Shade Healthy, Guv’ner Deodorant (This seems very interesting) & the Avocado Co-Wash which seems to be a must have in any naturalista’s hair care regimen!

  38. AWWW, this is nice a giveaway. LUSH is a great line from what I’ve heard and I’ve been eager to try it !!!!

  39. I love Lush and I always wanted to try R&B but it’s so expensive for my uber thick head of hair! I’d like to give it a try!

  40. I’ve never used this brand before, but I’ve seen great reviews on YouTube. It will be awesome to get a chance to try their lush products!

  41. This would be perfect for natural hair nail and skin products I would love to find makeup and cleansers that help my skin rather than do more damage

  42. I would love to use the lip balm products and any of the moisturizers! I hear such great things about them!

  43. Lush is AMAZING!!Most naturals have been raving about their hair products and their bath bombs are so relaxing and fragrant.

  44. Oooh this is one lovely giveaway!. I would go crazy and try all their products!. First saw their product with some YouTube vloger

  45. When I tell you that I absolutely LOVE LUSH PRODUCTS!!!! I am so excited for this giveaway because when you guys said in one of your videos that you used angels on bare skin to keep your skin clear, and then I got my friend to get it for me for my birthday…. and it changed my life. My face has cleared up significantly. I also recently bought Ocean Salt scrub which is helping my dying shoulders. I’m a college student so and the way that my budget is set up, I would be so grateful if I would win so that I could actually purchase more things from lush.

  46. I love Lush bath bombs and bar soaps. I’d love to try their hair/skin products. I really want to win because I usually can only buy lush to treat myself and never as often as I really want to.

  47. Lush! I’ve heard so much about them but I haven’t tried any products but I would love to try out some bath bombs and scrubs for sure !

  48. I’ve tried only two products from Lush most recent the hot oil treatment after seeing India/one of the sistahs on utube using it, love it look forward trying a few others. ;0) Hope to win!

  49. I really love lush cosmetics and have heard nothing but good things about lush and their products. And i really love all the amazing things I’ve learned from your blog and YouTube channel.

  50. I’m excited about this cool giveaway! Always wanted a to try Lush products but never did. Now I’m definitely going this week to see the hype. Can’t wait!

  51. I have always heard good things about LUSH’s face and hair products! I tried one of their fresh face masks once and it was magical. I’m excited!!!

  52. If I won the Gift card I would spend it all on bath bombs and Black coal soap. I love lush and how fresh their product is

  53. I’d really love to try out the face and body cleanser as well as that lip balm. I’m sure they are amazing!

  54. I would love to try Lush products. I always hear nothing but good things about them. This would be awesome to win. Thanks for the giveaway!

  55. I’ve always wanted to try Lush products. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this awesome giveaway!

  56. I don’t participate in any contest ever but this I had to. I LOVE lush products, anything lemongrass is my absolute favorite. I want everything, well almost so I’m hoping to be one of the lucky winners of this contest! xoxoxox 😉

  57. love that all lush products are natural and not tested on animals. used their henna dye before and many other things. really want to try their shampoo and conditioner bars. their shops always smell amazing too!

  58. Omg!! So much to choose from. I always wanted to try Lush Products for so long since I have dry and sensitive skin. Would love to try their hair, skin, and bath products.

  59. This is a great giveaway! LUSH is such an amazing brand. I love it and I even got my family hooked on their products as well! Everything in that store smells heavenly.

  60. I am so excited about this giveaway! I have wanted to try Lush products for a while now. I have heard nothing but great things :-)!

  61. I would buy some starters makeup products with Lush Gift Card because I want to start learning how to do my makeup! :-)

  62. I’ve heard so many positive views about Lush, but have never used their products. As I’ve already made the transition to use natural and healthier products on my hair it would be great to transition to my skin as well. Hopefully, I will be able to introduce my friends and family to these healthier products as I have done for my natural hair journey!

  63. I LOVE lush and what they stand for ! I would rather pay knowing my products are hand made with no animals hurt , then pay a cheaper price . I would get just about anything from lush and then gift it to family and loved ones so they can enjoy as well . It’s my motto ! If I get blessed WE ALL GET BLESSED !!

  64. Thank you for taking along on this journey through each of hair journey, life lessons and encouragement time and time again. Very grateful for giveaways like these.

  65. If I win I would buy the Angels on Bare Skin Face and Body Cleanser. I tried a sample…. but a sample is not justice!

  66. I love visiting Lush! I’ve never purchased anything from there because there is not one near me. But it’s definitely a fun experience whenever I’m able to go in and see what’s new.

  67. The first time I went to their store, I was in heaven! I love to make my own products, and just knowing exactly what’s in it and that it’s good for me! My hair thanks me for the natural things I mix!

  68. Too bad there isn’t a Lush near me. I really want to try the face masks. Also the Kinky hot oil treatment.

  69. I have been wanting to try lush for a while so knowing that you guys use their products is motivation to go ahead and give them a try. Thanks! Washaun

  70. Just a few weeks ago, i chopped of my hair off again. My second big chop. Does anyone have any tips on how to properly take care of my hair the second time? I have hair color damage as well.

  71. This product line sounds amazing! Love that it all natural and vegan. Can’t wait to give it a try!

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