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March Giveaway | $150 Gift Card | Sally Beauty Spring Refresh


Hey Sistas! THREE lucky people will a $150 gift card from Sally Beauty!

Sally Beauty is the world’s largest retailer of professional beauty supplies. They have been helping real and diverse women find their beautiful for 50 years, and whether you’re a serious stylist or a do-it-yourself diva, Sally Beauty makes it easy to celebrate a new beauty discovery, the right product, the ideal solution and the perfect price. Sally Beauty carries beautiful brands at beautiful prices with 1,000’s of salon-quality products and solutions to handle every hair hurdle, every stage of color, every nail needed and beyond—all priced to please and very often, exclusive to Sally Beauty.

We are so excited to partner with Sally Beauty for this giveaway, especially since we have curated some of our favorite Spring products that are all available on Sally’s website. We have also created a few tutorials to show you how we use these products!

India – 7 Day Defined Wash & Go

Toni – Easy Spring Nail Art Design for Beginners

Carmen – Top 5 Clear Skincare Essentials

enter here

Good luck, Sistas!


Congrats to the winners!

$150 Gift Card from Sally Beauty

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    • I am 19 and I did the big chop about a month ago and looking forward to what’s ahead in the future. Tired of damage hair with perms and want to see how my natural hair works for me

  1. I am excited about this journey! I can wait for the chance to win. This would enhance my natural hair journey and product stash. I love Sally Beauty & The Natural Sistas!!

  2. Omg, im so excited im in need of hair care products. I moved to a new state and my hair is paying for it big time from got n humid to snow, sun and rain lol. I love my natural hair sister.

  3. I love this giveaway, totally count me in!! Thank you guys for all you do and how you inspire us queens to shine and be ourselves.

  4. I’m super excited. I hope I win. Sally’s is my go to store for all my natural hair products. I live in that store

  5. I have been eyeing the Mielle Organics line and I would buy the whole line, along with Camille Rose Naturals! Yep those two complete lines would be on my list with the Sally’s Giftcard!! Thanks for the Chance!!!

  6. Sally’s is dangerous grounds for me and y’all want to give $150 dollars away?! Woo hoo count me in lol!!

  7. I was just telling someone how I liked sallys better because sephora and ulta don’t have many black owned brands!

  8. I have been following you guys forever!! Ever since India’s eyebrow tutorial I have been hooked to your channel. Your weightloss journeys and your hair tutorials have helped me a lot. As a natural, young adult with kinky hair who does not have many hair products( or cash haha) I would love to win this 150$ giftcard. Thanks for the opportunity loves.

  9. My natural sistas has been a very important role in my hair journey thank you for giving me the confidence to embrace my kinky coily self!

  10. Thank you for making my natural hair journey easier and enjoyable. You ladies are definitely inspiring and knowledgeable!

  11. You sistas rock! Congrats on the connection/promo with Sally Beauty. Thank you for the chance of winning this great giveaway. My hair needs all the help it can get. Love that Sweet Ginger cleansing rinse. :-)

  12. Thank you guys so much for hosting this giveaway. I am a longtime lover of your channel (especially the background music), really appreciate it).

  13. I absolutely love you guys and Sally’s!!! Every week they send me a text and I found myself there every weekend!!! Count me in!!!

  14. I cannot wait to try ALL of the products India used for her beautiful Wash n Go!!!! I have never done a WnG since I’ve been natural because I was too afraid my hair would shrink or I wouldn’t have that bomb twistout definition that I love. Thanks for the inspiration to finally give it a try!!

  15. This site gives me life. Have a daughter with 4c hair is so hard to keep and maintain. Thanks to My Natural Distasteful and Sally’s will help me to keep up with her hair care.

  16. First of all, the three of you inspired me to embrace my natural hair, stay healthy and just love every part of me. Win or not I’m buying atleast 5 of those products especially that charcoal soap!!

  17. I haven’t been able to shop in a while. However, Sally’s was one of my favorite places to just browse to keep current on new products. I love you ladies and how your brand has grown. Good luck to the 3 winners! I pray I’m one!!

  18. I would love to win so I can buy more Shea moisture products as well as Camille Rose Naturals, I would love to get to try them.

  19. I reaaallly wanna buy @themanechoice products…they’re out of my price range so a gift card would be realllly nice

  20. I’m excited that I got an e-mail from Sally’s letting me know about your partnership. Discovering you three has been a blessing! I have no idea what I’m doing with my since I cut it all off and in just an hour of searching your site and watching your videos I’ve learned so much. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge. You are the best!!!!!!

  21. I hope I win so I can purchase a better hooded dryer than the one I have. Currently every time I’m under it, it falls and drops on my head lol,! I’m sure my luck is running out. And I have so much love for ,my natural sistas!

  22. Sally’s is a one stop shop now that they have more natural brands. I would love to stock up with this gift card

  23. I would love to get this gift card! Sally’s is my go to for hair products especially Shea Moisture’s JBCO line.

  24. I’m so excited to try Aunt Jackie’s entire line… I purchased the don’t shrink flaxseed gel and I’m in love with it… I want to try the entire line.

  25. I’m ready to go buy some of these products from Sally right now! So proud of the naturalists sisters! Xoxo Shay!

  26. I would love to receive this giveaway to enhance my natural journey! You ladies and Sally’s are awesome for this!!

  27. Yassss fellow Texans. This collb is so awesome. You girls are killing the game. I love me some Sallys, 1 stop shop! I’m excited for this giveaway. You girls tips and tricks have really helped me on my self improvement/ learning to the skin im in journey.

  28. This is incredible. I’m excited that you’re partnering with Sally’s Beauty, and I continue too love your page and beauty tips. Thank you natural sistas!

  29. I swear I keep trying to stop buying products and you ladies always get me back in the stores with a whole shopping list! I would soooo appreciate winning this gift card, lol!!
    Oh…and my wash and go (inspired by India’s video) is on day 7 . Love y’all!!!

  30. Great giveaway! I can treat myself and a few friends with a $150 gift card from Sally Beauty . Also, thanks for the hair and skin reviews Sistas. I’ve mentally already spent some of that money on your recommendations .

  31. This is awesome!!!. Thanks for the chance to win a giveaway.I would be getting awesome skin care and hair products on Sally’s if I win this.I love that they stock amazing products!

  32. Hello☺️ I’m 19 and roughly new to this natural hair journey. I’m currently in college and trying to give my natural 4c hair the proper love and care it needs. I hope to win this gird card because it will help take my journey to the next level.

  33. I’m so excited to try the charcoal soap. I was looking for a brand to try. And the Camille Rose products…I’ve been wondering how well they work. I can’t wait to try. I’m trying to stay out of Sally’s and y’all are pushing me back in. Lol!

  34. I am a new subcriber and I absolutely love the product selection and tips on Facebook. Keep up the great work Queens!

  35. So excited to try some new shea moisture smoothies and camille rose. And that spray bottle, can’t wait!

  36. Ive used the lottabody shea-coconut products, but never on wet hair. So Im looking forward to trying out the wash n go during the warmer months.

  37. i did a big chop about 2 years ago and based on the fact i live in jamaica to get these products they are twice the price and i always wanted to try them based on videos i watch on youtube… i really think this company is good brand!

  38. There are so many staples I need for spring and summer, this would allow me to buy so many of them. I’m in!

  39. Absolutely love Sally’s beauty. They always have everything I need. Congrats with the partnership!! That’s pretty huge!!

  40. I’d love to try the mango mend. I’ve been paying a lot of attention to my feet lately and keeping them smooth!

  41. I’ve been meaning to try the Camille Rose products, but I literally have 4 textures in my hair, so I don’t believe anything will define my “curls”.

  42. Great post. Thanks so much for sharing. Although I stay away from wash and go’s, ill definitely purchase some of the products; a few of them I already have. I’ll also purchase the charcoal soap for sure. I need something for pores.

  43. I love watching your videos ladies. I have been able to get some growth on my natural hair. What I’m most excited to buy at Sally’s is the Camille rose products and more nail polish.

  44. I am transitioning- have been for 18 months. Getting ready to take my crochet braids out in April. One of the first styles I am going to try is a wash and set- fingers crossed Lol

  45. I’m really in need of some good hair products. Life is so hectic hahaha ! thank you guys so much for this giveaway !

  46. I love you 3 beautiful Natural sistas! I been entering your giveaways ever since you launched your website and have never won so here’s to hoping it’s my turn. Also congratulations, I’m so proud to see black women represented in such a shining and positive ligh. Keep up the great work ladies

  47. I have been watching your videos, since my daughter told me about them. I especially watch them when I think about getting a perm.

  48. Thank you for all of your wonderful posts across social media helping us along the way with our natural hair journey.
    Thank you for partnering up with such a great company as Sally’s and this amazing giveaway. I definitely want to try India’s 7 day defined wash n go. Whether I win or not, I’ll be heading to Sally’s to pick up those items. Especially since the Lotta Body is buy 2 get 1 free ☺ Thanks for the tips!

  49. This is so cool. I like your blog and also Sally beauty supply especially for the nail polish and the numerous branch for our natural hair or specifically for our type of hair. Hope to win though lol

  50. So far ive been natural for 4 years now and right now my 4a 4b hair is so dry and dull and curless usually with the products i put on it make it a little soft but makes my hair greasy so im experimenting with other hair products and its become expensive. So far ive tried carols daughters. By made beautiful. Cantu. Mielle organics. Mane choice. Shea moisture and ORS

  51. I am excited to enter this giveaway!! I have been wanting to try some new products especially with the weather change and Sally’s has been a store I have wanted to get these new products from. Hoping I win!!!

  52. Omg this giveaway is so exciting and I got some more wash n go tips along the way too! Sally is so generous with this giveaway!! always love shopping with them

  53. Thank you ladies for affording us this opportunity to win a gift card. I absolutely love Sally’s Beauty. I’m always there picking up some of my favorite products. Shea Moisture, As I Am, Mielle Organics, Bigen, Eco, and so much more. Thank you!!!

  54. I love you ladies soooo much, and I’m so excited for this giveaway! I’ve been having some issues with my hair lately and have been contemplating on cutting it. I’ve been looking to try new products and new methods, so it would be great to win!

  55. I would love to win this. With 3 people in my house who use Shea Moisture products, this would be a major help :) Good luck everyone.

  56. I love to go on shopping sprees at Sally Beauty. I especially like their hair section. I’ve been wanting some new tools. A new mirror would be nice too.

  57. Straight out of Austin Texas I’ve been following you all since my freshman year of College while transitioning and am now entering my year post grad and 4 years natural!! Really excited for this contest!


  58. I love love love every tutorial and every video y’all post! I needed some serious help when I was transitioning and your videos helped tremendously! Thank you so much!

  59. This would be a great opportunity to stock up on hair supplies and products because lupus has been hard on my hair.

  60. My name and Dori and I started my natural hair journey last year when I was sixteen. I had to buy all of my own products because I was the only out of my sister and ma who was going natural. It was a struggle, lol. So I hope to win! Thanks for the opportunity <3

  61. I’ve been watching you all since the very beginning of my natural hair journey! I absolutely love all of your videos!!! You three keep me encouraged!

  62. Very Nice of you all for the giveaway. I would love a gift card to Sally’s.
    I have been natural for about 3 years now and I Never did a wash n go. However I’m interested in trying India 7 Day define wash n go on my type 4 hair. My hair loves the lottabody moisturize me curl and style milk, but I have never tried the Design Essential Deep Moisture Milk Soufflé. Hopefully after following the all steps and using the same products my hair will look as nice as India hair.

  63. I’ve been following you all for a while & had to stop due to personal reasons now I’m back. I did not know about this contest till just now smhl. I actually looked at the wash & go hair routine. I bought the lotta body products which I never heard of. Also looked at one of your other vids on the hair poo method which I did not know about. I loved how my hair came out this past weekend. It’s been 4 years for me on this journey & I’m relearning now. Thank you for the time & effort on all the videos you sistas keep doing!

  64. I’ve been following you all since 2013. You’ve inspired me to become natural! I love seeing how much your channel has grown. Congratulations on your Sally Beauty partnership!

  65. I’ve been natural for almost 11 years now. And up until I found The Natural Sistas youtube channel I had no idea how to correctly take care of my hair. I wore it shrunken everyday with just some grapeseed oil And my hair was always dry, always tangled. Since finding their channel my hair has grown so much. I haven’t been able to try any of the products they use because I honestly just can’t afford it. This gift card would give me the chance to buy some camille rose products and others they try. I have a 3 year old whose half black and half white and I don’t know how to care for his hair so it will help me find something for my baby also!
    Love you girls!!

  66. Cant wait to try some of the stuff I see on here!!! Big chopped in December and just been trying out different stuff. Had a perm for 14 years, so no idea what my natural hair likes. Just taking notes from experimenting. Great page!

  67. I love watching these videos! You guys have inspired me to be daring with my natural hair and have helped me with new products and styles!

  68. I’m excited to try out the Camille Rose Naturals SWEET GINGER CLEANSING RINSE,The Mane Choice DETANGLING HYDRATION SHAMPOO or Creme of Nature
    DETANGLING & CONDITIONING SHAMPOO(heard some good reviews on these two products) , Profectiv

  69. Been following y’all journey for a minute now! I really hope I can win this it will help keep my curls on point plus my little ones curls to

  70. So I’ve been natural for about 4 years now and every time I grow my hair out and it’s healthy I do the craziest thing by giving myself heat damage. So I’m deciding to go ahead and stick it out this time around with big chop #3. So far I’m at shoulder length but I’ve recently been using India’s 7 day wash go routine and it’s AMAZING!! Generally my wash and go’s last 3 days tops and that’s pushing it. Thank you ladies so much for continuing to post your tips on natural hair care as well as skincare and tips on a healthy body. I can’t wait to see what you have for us next ❤️

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