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Black Girl Magic – Color Full Lives Podcast

Hey Sistas! We are so happy to share that we have teamed up with State Farm® again to bring you more of the Color Full Lives podcast series featuring the fabulous Angela Yee, Hey Fran Hey, and Tatiana King Jones. They’re back with three “special edition” episodes in honor of Black History Month, and in the second episode the ladies discuss how Black women are making strides and waves in film, entertainment, politics and the world.

We’ve all heard the phrase “Black Girl Magic,” but have you ever thought about where it originated? CaShawn Thompson, who was inspired by the Black women who persevere despite adversity, created the phrase in 2013. For her, their achievements are like “magic.” She coined the phrase to celebrate Black women and their joys, triumphs and strengths, and it has since gone viral and transformed into a beautiful movement that we are proud to help spread. It is so important to acknowledge and recognize the accomplishments of other Black women. Last summer we highlighted the #BlackGirlMagic in Rio and shared some of the amazing women who were competing at the Olympics. In the podcast, Angela Yee talked about an article in Glamour where Alicia Keys discusses the importance of complimenting other women by saying:

I don’t know if we tell women great news about themselves enough. You’d be surprised how often a young woman doesn’t hear positive things about herself—not in her home, not at school. It’s hard to create a beautiful image for yourself when you’ve never seen it or heard it.

We completely agree and believe it’s extremely important to spread positive vibes and to uplift one another. One of the reasons we created “The Sistahood” is because we wanted to establish a place for women who are natural, transitioning, or thinking about going natural, to come together, share their experiences and get advice and support. That is the core of what we stand for and what we want to promote: genuine Sisterhood. The bond sisters share is unbreakable and we feel so fortunate to have had such an amazing mother who taught us the importance of Sisterhood.

Stacey Mitchell

Our mom comes from a large family and is the second oldest of ten, with eight sisters and one brother. Growing up, she was the caretaker of the family and helped raise her eight younger siblings. From cooking and helping with homework, to making their clothes and doing everyone’s hair, she made sure her siblings were taken care. Through this life experience, our mom developed a lot of the skills we are lucky to benefit from as her daughters. She is a “Queen of all Trades” and excels in so many different things, such as sewing and fashion design (she has made the dresses from some of our most memorable moments including prom and our weddings), cooking (we would prefer to break a diet than to miss out on one of her delicious holiday meals), bookkeeping (yes, she’s also an accountant!), event planning (who do you think helped plan our weddings and baby shower AND made all of the beautiful invitations?), and that’s just the tip of the iceberg for what she can do.

My Natural Sistas and Mom

Our mom has been such a rock in our lives and does more for us than even she knows. She is our unsung hero and we wouldn’t be the women we are today without her. So thank you, Stacey Mitchell, for showing us the true meaning of Black Girl Magic. We love you and can only hope to be half the mother you are one day.

Tell us about the unsung heroes in your life in the comments! It could be a friend, family member, or just a person who doesn’t get their due. And be sure to subscribe to the Color Full Lives podcast on SoundCloud, so you don’t miss the next one!

This post is sponsored by State Farm. All opinions are our own.

My Natural Sistas


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