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My Romantic Wedding: Pictures, Tips, & Planning

Hey Sistas! In this video, I share pictures from my romantic shabby chic themed wedding and some tips that could help you plan your own. As you all may know, I planned every aspect of my wedding and even though it was hard work, I really enjoyed the experience and would do it over again in a heartbeat. If you haven’t seen my wedding video, make sure to check it out. To inquire about the dress or Brooch Bouquet, email: [email protected]

india wedding 9
india wedding 8
india wedding 21
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india wedding 10

india wedding 7
india wedding 22
india wedding 11
india wedding 24
india wedding 16
india wedding 3
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india wedding 18
india wedding 19

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  1. Wedding pictures are beautiful. From wedding dresses to decor everything is lovely. For making a wedding successful proper planning of wedding dress, venue, invitation, decor, cake, entertainment needs to done. While wedding planning one can maintain a checklist to take care that everything is going smooth and easy. The first thing which needs to be decided is the wedding venue because the whole wedding theme and decor will be based on the wedding venue. There are many venue providers like which provides beautiful venues to make your big day special. After choosing the venue one can decide the theme and decor of the wedding.

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