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How To: Wash & Go for Short Natural Hair in 5 Easy Steps

Hey Sistas! This is a tutorial on how I achieve my Semi-Frohawk Wash and Go. This style is perfect for my kinky curly naturals who have a TWA, tapered, or short natural hair! Lets get started!

Products Needed:

  • Brush
  • Oil of your choice
  • Styling gel of your choice
  • Holding gel of your choice

The Process:

Step 1: Start with freshly washed, detangled hair
Step 2: Apply your oil all over your head to lock in the moisture
Step 3: Rub the gel on the tips of your hair, only on the top and back. This is help the curls pop a little more
Step 4: Shake your hair vigorously to separate the curls
Step 5: Use your holding gel to lay down your edges and the sides of your hair
Step 6: Use a brush to make sure the hair on the side of your head is smoothed down if your hair is short or your have a tapered cut

I just let my hair dry throughout the day and once it’s dry, I play with the top a little to achieve my desired look


That’s it! Let me know if you end up trying this style in the comments or in The Sistahood Forum! And subscribe to our YouTube channel to view more videos and stay updated on new uploads!


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  1. This helped me alot. Few months back my hair fell out so one day I shampooed it, picked it out and trimmed all the perm r relaxer that was left. I like it short and natural. Just desire a nice rich color and quick easy maintainable style. Your videos has given me a new outlook. Thank you

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