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My 6th Big Chop : Change Can Be Good

Hey Sistas! Yes, I did it again. Another “Big Chop” and this is the last one, for now. I absolutely love short hair, the shorter the better. In this video, I discuss how a woman cutting her hair or natural hair could mean change in her life. Change is good, Sistas. It’s important to get past certain insecurities, you can’t let what other people say or think dictate what you want to do in life, or you’ll never be happy.

big chop
big chop2

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Written by Carmen

Carmen is the baby sister in the trio. Shes loves fitness, makeup, and Hello Kitty. She's also a personal trainer, so when she's not online, you can usually find her at the gym.

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  1. I absolutely love this post. My big chop was this past friday and before that i had my doubts. I was using every excuse in the book to not have a drastic big shop and have at least 2-3 inches of new growth. I reached about an inch and a quarter and just couldn’t do it anymore because my texture compared to my relaxed strands were thick and even causing new growth to fall out. I took the plunge and faced my insecurities. And honestly there is nothing to be insecure about when you’re trying to embrace who you are. Ever since my big chop i know i’ve made the right decision for my self esteem. Now i look at myself and i see my actual beauty. And I’m thankful for it.

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