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How To: Defined Heatless Curls on Dry Natural Hair

Hey Sistas! This is a super quick tutorial on how to revive your stretched natural hair with bouncy heatless curls. These curls resemble wand curls or crochet Marley braid curls. I ended up getting caught in the rain this week and my hair looked like a hot mess. I was not in the mood to wash my hair, so I decided to use the twist and roll technique I used for my crochet wigs, and it turned out great! Even though I did this style on hair that was previously blown out was was reverting due to the rain, I believe it can also be done on hair that has been stretched out or bunned all week. Lets get started!

Products Needed:

  • Spray Bottle
  • Water
  • Rollers – I used around 40
  • Styling product of your choice
  • Satin cap
  • Hair Pick

The Process:

Step 1: Spray your hair with water to make it more manageable and to apply moisture back into the hair
Step 2: Take a medium sized section of hair and apply your styling product. Make sure to apply more product to end to help your hair stay on the roller
Step 3: Take your hair and twist and roll it on the roller until you reach your roots
Step 4: Repeat this process around your entire head
Step 5: Let your hair dry, and if you’re doing this style at night make sure to sleep with a satin cap
Step 6: When the hair is completely dry, carefully remove the hair from the rollers, don’t just pull it will have a negative impact on the definition of your curls
Step 7: Separate you hair where it naturally separates to avoid frizz
Step 8: Use your hair pick to add the desired volume to your hair

That’s it! Let me know if you end up trying this tutorial in the comments or in The Sistahood Forum! And subscribe to our YouTube channel to view more videos and stay updated on new uploads!


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