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7 Frequently Asked Questions | Hair Color & Natural Hair

Hey Sistas! Carmen and I made video with the questions we frequently receive regarding our permanent hair colors and natural hair. We both have professional permanent hair color and believe that we are still considered “natural” within the natural hair community because neither one of us has experienced a PERMANENT hair texture difference nor is our hair damaged (falling out/breaking off) from our permanent color. Our goal is to embrace the texture and the versatility of natural hair. Watch the video to hear our about experience with hair color and our answers to some of your questions

Questions answered in this video:

  1. Is permanent color damaging?
  2. Do you recommend box color or professional color?
  3. What products did they use for your hair color?
  4. Can permanent hair color change the texture of my hair or curl pattern?
  5. Are you still considered natural if you permanently color your hair?
  6. Did your hair color require bleach?
  7. What is your hair regimen?

Let us know if you end up coloring your natural hair in the comments or in The Sistahood Forum! And subscribe to our YouTube channel to view more videos and stay updated on new uploads!


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  1. Hello this message is for TonI i seen one of your YouTube videos back in May 2014 you were doing this video about how to curl natural hair heatless with rollers and I was wondering what haircolors did you use I would really like to try it on me pls let me know what’s up

  2. We Recommend natural henna hair dye for coloring your hair because it is 100% chemical free you can get it by search on google this ” THE Henna Guys “

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