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How To: Prep Natural Hair for a Trim + Hair Growth

Hey Sistas! I’m excited about finally getting back to hair tutorials! In this video, I’ll show you how I prep my hair for a much needed trim using Clairol’s iThrive Style Soothe System. Even though I suffered from heat damage this year, I still prefer to blow out my hair for a trim. The Style Soothe Treatment is formulated with StylEASE technology, which makes my preparation quick and easy! You can find Clairol’s iThrive Style Soothe System at Sally’s Beauty Supply stores or here. Also, the blow dryer I used in the video can be found here.

Let me know how you prep your natural hair for a trim in the comment section or head over to The Sistahood Forum and share your mistakes and how you’ve learned from them! And subscribe to our YouTube channel to view more videos and stay updated on new uploads!


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India is the oldest sister in the trio. She loves sharing natural hair styles, tips, and inspiring women to embrace their natural beauty.

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  1. I want to know what hair type are you? I think I have the same hair type. I am not really sure what hair type I have. It might be a mixer of 3c and 4a hair.

  2. Thanks for the prepping for a trim video. I am vet squeamish about someone else combing my hair. Most hair dressers won’t take the time to detangle your hair starting from the ends. They just take the comb through your hair is hate that. I can just feel my hair coming out so next time I will prep Mt own hair before a trim and that will be more money in my pocket as well without having them do a treatment and a flat ironing

  3. I love the idea of “prepping” your hair for a trim. I’ve always had issues with stylists being too rough. Now I know I can get my hair ready for a trim and save the money it would normally cost to get the whole shabang! Thnx for the post! -Jewel

  4. I’ve been trimming my own hair lately, had a bad experience at a salon and to scared to go back. Should I every once in awhile get it professionally trimmed, I’m so scared, but I usually wash, deep condition, and moisturize then blow dry it strain and then trim it. Maybe some day I’ll step back into a salon to get it done professionally done

    • I prefer professional trims, but do what’s comfortable for you. I gets trims on a as need basis. My last two trims were 7 months apart because I wasn’t manipulating my hair as much. When I use lots of heat or experiment with my hair and style often, I get my hair trimmed every 3-4 months.

  5. Please what types of hair do we have? And how will I know my hair type am new on this. Finally am having hair loss what do I do.

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