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My 1 Year Natural Hair Growth

Hey Sistas! I finally made it past one year of growing my natural hair without cutting it. It wasn’t easy, but using protective styles helped get me through it. In this video, I explain how I grew my hair and discuss its current condition.




Are you growing your natural hair? Let me know in the comments or in The Sistahood Forum! And subscribe to our YouTube channel to view more videos and stay updated on new uploads!


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Written by Carmen

Carmen is the baby sister in the trio. Shes loves fitness, makeup, and Hello Kitty. She's also a personal trainer, so when she's not online, you can usually find her at the gym.

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  1. I transitioned for about a year and then I started wearing my curly fro. I can’t wait to officially make it one year natural because then I would not only be able to advocate for more natural sister more than ever. I am proud of myself and I’m proud of you Carmen

  2. I had the big chop! My hair is so short and i want to grow it out. Its too short to do anything that requires pulling it up, adding any hair or anything that in my opinion compliments me. Its very frustrating. I have tried multiple colors and even coils. Nothing seems to satisfy me. I hear its a big transition and that I have to stay strong. Its hard, but I am still trying. Any recommendations?

  3. LaSchelle T. Dont give up.I am a year natural as of December but i transitioned. I wear alot of Rod sets right now and i throw on a few headbands to. I had people try to tear me down about it but it was one of the best hair choices i ever could of made. Try to rock big earrings and bold lip colors to boost it up a bit. hope this helps.

  4. I really wanna grow out my 4c hair. I have been natural for about 4 year’s now but my hair is still at neck length but I love the texture… PLEASE help me ladies

  5. Hi beautiful ladies, I just joined. I’ve been natural for the past eight month but havn’t had time to care for my hair and looking at peoples natural makes me really jealous. My hair is worst, very dry, brittle, hard and it breaks every time I comb it. Please I need your help to get a beautiful hair and skin

    • I am having the same problem. Been natural for 2 years and I cut it all off in the beginning but it should be a lot longer then what it is now…help

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