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My Best Natural Hair Growth Tips

Hey Sistas! In this video, I share some of my best tips for natural hair growth. I also do my first length check since I started my natural hair journey 3 years ago and a quick blow out hairstyle. Enjoy!

blow out 1
blow out 2
blow out 3

blow out 4
blow out 5
blow out 6
bantu out

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Written by India

India is the oldest sister in the trio. She loves sharing natural hair styles, tips, and inspiring women to embrace their natural beauty.

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  1. Thanks for the video. I always thought something was wrong with me because I have been natural for 27 months but my hair dosen’t event reach my shoulders yet. I would look at the other ladies and assume that because I didn’t big chop was the reason my hair did not grow as fast as theirs. Then they talk about diet is important, yeah but everybody with long hair don’t easy healthy all the time. So I’m just trying to psych myself into making sure my hair is healthy and trying to keep my hands or of my hair because I love how fabulous if can be

  2. Love your hair, beautiful, hahaha, awesome cause I was saying I have 4 years but nowhere near your length, this year lost 75% of my hair due to stress so yes, focusing on healthy hair and not compare! Thank you my dear, excellent video, thank you so much!!!!

  3. First let me say thanks to you and your sisters for being such a big influences in my hair journey. I will be 4 yrs natural this fall and I have never had my hair professionally trimmed. I think with me having a healthy hair goal all this time I really just didn’t think about it all that much. But now trying to get to bra length it’s time to make that appointment.

  4. I have been natural my entire life, but about 6 months ago I chopped by hair to start over and it was one of the best decisions! Before I cut it, stress plagued my life and it really damaged my hair. Anyway, I really appreciate how you say to accept your own hair and your own growth. I have to admit when I first cut my hair, I researched other natural hair journeys and how much their hair grew and I admired their growth so much. Nonetheless even though they inspired me, I know my growth is in my own time and I do not compare my growth to theirs. I have been very pleased with my hair growth, and love looking at other sistas journeys.

  5. Hy, I’m sort of new to keeping natural hair and I don’t understand why my hair doesn’t grow. It’s very hard and breaks off easily. I can’t do anything with it. Please help me on how to soften it and products I can use to curl my hair. Thank you.

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