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My Heat Damage Experience from Straightening My Natural Hair

I know, I know, it took me some time to get this video out :( I damaged my hair back in December, chopped the damage off in April, and now I have cute bangs :) The main reason for my heat damage is my use of too much heat consecutively. All of the blow outs, wand curls, and flat ironing proved to be too much for my natural hair to handle. And yes, the only way to get rid of heat damage is to cut it off. Don’t worry, Sistas, it will grow back. Don’t let your experience with heat damage deter you from trying heat styles, just use a heat protectant and be cautious when applying the heat, and don’t go over the same section too many times. How do you feel about straightening your hair? Are you afraid to apply heat to your natural hair because of the risk? Leave a comment and let me know!


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