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Learn From My Natural Hair Mistakes

Hey Sistas! It has been a long time since I discussed natural hair, and I think discussing the mistakes we’ve made in the past is great way to get the hair conversation going again. I’ve made many mistakes handling my natural hair over the years, but most importantly, I’m learning from them. Lately, I haven’t moisturized my hair enough, and I’ve let it get tangled and etc. My biggest mistake was using too much heat. I had to chop off inches due to heat damage :( But, I’m learning and I plan to take better care of my kinks & curls! In this video, I’m rocking a Bantu Knot Out since it’s a quick, simple and easy style to achieve, especially with blown out hair.

bantu knot out

Share your mistakes and lessons in the comment section or head over to The Sistahood Forum and share your mistakes and how you’ve learned from them! And subscribe to our YouTube channel to view more videos and stay updated on new uploads!


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  1. My hair mistake was that I didn’t take care of my ends. They were horrible and dry. So I would have to cut my hair off time and time again until I learned that I had to keep my ends protected and moisturized.

  2. I think my biggest mistake is sometimes being rough and impatient with my hair and abandoning my hair when I have it in protective styles.

  3. A mistake I have been making lately is using rubber bands in order to hold my bantu knots in place, and its been killing my ends so i just freshly cut them :)

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