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5 Benefits of Trimming or Cutting Your Natural Hair & 5 Signs You Need A Cut

Hey Sistas! As you can tell, I absolutely LOVE my new haircut! My natural hair has never looked so healthy! I definitely should have done a cut and shape sooner! Here are 5 benefits of trimming your natural hair along with 5 signs that you’re in need of a haircut. Enjoy!

5 Benefits of a Trim/Cut:

  1. Healthier Ends – Getting your hair cut will help you get rid of your split ends.
  2. Less Breakage – Getting rid of the split ends will cause a reduction in hair breakage
  3. Retain Length – Getting a trim will help you retain length due to the reduction in hair breakage and split ends. When you have split ends and don’t take care of them, the split travels up the hair shaft and stunts hair growth
  4. Easier Styling – Detangling is much easier when your hair is even and can reduce the amount of time and stress in your detangling process
  5. Thicker/Fuller Look – If you don’t get a trim, the split ends will start to taper off and your hair will look thinner

5 Sign That You Need A Cut:

  1. Visible Split Ends – You should definitely get a trim if you can actually see your split ends
  2. Ends Easily Snap/Break – If you notice your ends are breaking and snapping, it’s time for a trim. Don’t confuse this with hair shedding where the hair breaks at the root
  3. See-through Ends – If you have wispy, feathery ends, you need to trim your hair
  4. Thin Hair – If your hair isn’t as full as it was before and appears thin, that’s a sign that you need a cut or shape
  5. Dull Ends – If yours are dull, raggedy, dry, or just plain crusty-looking, it’s time to let them go

Don’t be afraid to trim or cut your hair. I recommend getting a regular trim at least every 4 months by a professional, or if you prefer to do it yourself, check out Carmen’s tutorial.


When was the last time you got a trim or cut? Let me know in the comments or in The Sistahood Forum! And subscribe to our YouTube channel to view more videos and stay updated on new uploads!


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Written by India

India is the oldest sister in the trio. She loves sharing natural hair styles, tips, and inspiring women to embrace their natural beauty.

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  1. It’s hard for me to actually like getting even a simple trim. I recognize the benefits, but it’s still hard. Just got a trim a week ago, and I never looked down at the floor to see how much I lost! #progress

  2. Many of the reasons why I have an appointment for a professional trim today! I want to start this new year looking right and a healthy looking head of hair is where to start.

  3. I’m just now giving myself a trim since ive been natural. It was well needed. I notice a difference instantly with detangling especially.

  4. I cut the ends of my own hair about 2 or a month ago and Idk, I think I did it wrong. Like I didn’t cut a lot off, just when I saw where it was thinning I just chopped it off. My hair is pretty even all around my head but I don’t know what split ends look like tbh. Like I am staring at the ends of my hair but I don’t know. I don’t have any see through ends but its hard to detangle in the shower due to my ends getting tangled al lot (I don’t part my hair in 4 sections because it’s not long enough).

    So Idk, if I do or don’t have split ends (I do get single strand knots tho).

  5. I rarely trim my ends, when I did the couple of times I did it when my hair was two strand twisted and I just cust the ends off slightly. Would you all recommend doing a trim when my hair is straight?

  6. I really want to learn to trim my own hair. Im extremely skeptical when it comes to letting anyone in my head. You never know whose behind a paid of scissors and honestly my trust is so messed up when it comes to others in my hair. Ive heard so many horror stories about women going into salons with gorgeous hair and walking out completely angry at the person who just cut their hair wrong and now they have to wait for it to grow back. My mother is one of those individuals. She went in with a thick head of hair and came back looking like tweety bird she was so angry she cried all day long. The girl who cut it tries to shaoe it evenly and when she messed up instead of stopping she tried fixing it bu cutting the rest of it off…i ABSOLUTELY can not have that haopen because you will never cut hair again in your life after im done with you. So i definitrly need help. I want to know what im looking for when it comes to split ends and see through patterns my hair is much thicker than what it use to be but i feel like with as much care as i give it, it shoukd be growing more. Any hell from anyone who can relate or simply give advice woukd be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

  7. I love how helpful and fun the videos are! I see videos of things I haven’t thought about yet and I’m glad it gives me a head start on what to think about for my hair!

  8. Hi, India. After seeing your video, I finally decided to trim my ends after 1yr and 7 months. I feel stressed because I had to cut off up to 3 inches in some parts. I am sad because 3 inches is a lot to me, but I’m excitingly anticipating the results of my new growth. Thanks for your advice!

  9. I had a diva cut in august last year. I do not know different hair length. I would like to know how to determine my hair length and type of curls I have

  10. Hello, I love this site and all the knowledge and positive energy on it. I want my ends trimmed and I can not so it myself so do you ladies have a salon to suggest for a good knowledgeable stylist in HOUSTON area. I am new to area and really want a great stylist.

  11. Hello everyone im new up here and i just would like to say this is a good web site cant wait to continue my natural growing hair with all of you sistas help.

  12. Well it’s been about a yr since I had a trim I’m sure it’s time tho. I was just thinking the other day dang I need go for a trim because I feel like my hair not growing like it should when I’m 3 yrs natural so far. Everyone seem to like but I don’t I feel like it’s missing something

  13. Thank you for this video and article. It helps, as I recently got my first significant trim since going natural.

    I share photos and details about getting the trim here: Then I share about how I deal with my FEELINGS about the trim 😉 here:

    I feel like I lost a good bit of hair and that I’ve lost a little ease in caring for my hair. However, I also know that my hair is very healthy now, is staged to retain healthy growth now, and is growing all of the time. Going forward, I hope to really baby and take care of those ends!

  14. I’ve always been super bad at keeping up with trimming my hair, partially because I don’t know how to tell when it’s time. I appreciate the signs you gave of when you might need a haircut, one being if the ends are wispy. I want to maintain having healthy hair, and will have to take a look at the ends once I get it out of its braids.

  15. I remember when i was relaxed i was running away from trimming and holding on to those thin ends !! -_-

    fast forward i’m now enjoying my natural hair journey and i love getting my trims!
    I actually end up giving myself mini trims when i see my ends giving me sings.

    and guess what? My hair is thriving! I really enjoyed your post and it’s great to break it down,

    Knowledge is power, Thanks for sharing!

    Much love,

  16. Ur hair looks wonderful! Like probably the best natural hair I’ve ever seen. I myself am curly haired. I’m Indian and by Indian standards I think my hair would come under the natural/Caribbean hair category. My hair density is pretty ok but I’ve always struggled with length retention. I always earnestly hope to grow out my hair tailbone length. And off late I’ve resolved to get a trim every 3 months. The other things I’m doing in my quest for length retention are coconut, olive and castor oil pre poos and daily intake of biotin, zinc and vitamin b complex supplements.

  17. What I appreciated was how you said that having even cut hair will ensure that the detangling process will be easier and take less time. That was the most important thing for me because I discovered that combing my hair and doing ordinary things like styling it has become quite difficult ever since it became so long. I’m also required to wash it every day because the tangles get worse if I don’t. Maybe it really is time to get a haircut. Thanks for sharing. I’ll work on it right away.

  18. I like how you suggest to get a trim if you can actually see your split ends. My hair has been pretty unhealthy the last few months, and my split ends are becoming more and more visible. I should probably go to a salon and get a really good trim so that my hair can be healthy and start growing again.

  19. It’s interesting how you said that thin hair is a sign that you need a haircut. My hair has been pretty thin for a number of months now where it wasn’t quite like that before. I’ll have to look into getting it cut to see if that helps it thicken up a bit again.

  20. Thank you for suggesting that you should get a trim when your ends start to easily snap off. I just moved to a new town and I need to find a new hairdresser. I’ll have to look into some and find the best one in my area.

  21. I like what you said about how good it is for your hair to get rid of split ends with a trim and how that reduces hair breakage. I haven’t cut my hair in a long time and I’m beginning to think it really needs a cut to make it look and feel better. Thank you for the information about how split ends that aren’t taken care of will travel up the hair shaft and stunt growth, so my hair will grow faster once I trim it.

  22. Having a lot of breakage and thinning of my hair since I lost my mum 2 hrs ago. It just breaks all the time and when I was it many balls just fill the bath. I am tired. I am on my way to the barbers, This will be my second total cut since then. I had full happy 4c long hair. Now I just have rubbish. I have good products for hair but no progress.

  23. I appreciate how you mentioned that if you can visibly see your split ends, it means that you are in need of a haircut! It’s hard to brush through my hair because of all the split pieces at the end of each strand. I’ll have to find a reputable hair salon service in my area that can get me a much-needed trim so the ends of my hair can make it easier for me to brush through.

  24. Since you mentioned that see-through ends mean I’ll need my hair cut, I’ll definitely go to a women’s haircut service to cut my hair. I do like to get less breakage as you pointed out which is why I think it’s about time I get my hair cut next week. A good hairdresser would help me get a fuller look as you said, so I’ll look around for a reputable salon.

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