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Top 5 Wash Day Tips for Hair Growth & Length Retention

Hey Sistas! I’ve been growing my bangs out over the past year and thought I would share my Top 5 Natural Hair Growth Tips for WASH DAYS! I use these tips faithfully every wash day and they have helped with my hair growth and length retention! Hope they work for you as well! If you want to get the Vanity Planet Shampoo Brush for 50% off, click here.

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Written by India

India is the oldest sister in the trio. She loves sharing natural hair styles, tips, and inspiring women to embrace their natural beauty.

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  1. I promise you guys be right on time with everything! lol. I’ve been hoping to try a new wash routine

  2. Hi my name is Cilamene. I just decided to go natural. I really really really want to start taking care of my hair to grow. I would like to have a 2-week routine wash hair routine that I can stick to so my hair can grow.Can you guys tell me what products to buy to have that routine hair wash please? Can you guys provide me with one please?

  3. This helped so much! I have been looking for a new wash routine to keep moisture in. I never knew about shampoo bars or a scalp massager. Can’t wait to go try this routine!

  4. How do you use the hot oil treatment…sit the oil in got water in the bottle then pore it over washed hair and then put on cap for 30 min.

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