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Women of Color in Tech – Color Full Lives Podcast, Ep. 4

This post about the Color Full Lives podcast is sponsored by State Farm®.


Hey Sistas! If you haven’t heard of the Color Full Lives podcast featuring radio host Angela Yee, Fran Medina of HeyFranHey and tech expert Tatiana King-Jones, you’re really missing out. State Farm has brought these inspiring women from different backgrounds and industries together to discuss topics that are relevant to women of color. From tips on how to thrive in the workplace and entrepreneurship, to insights on relationships, education, pop-culture, health & wellness and the digital age, there’s literally something for everyone in this series, and each episode is packed with great advice, anecdotes and humor.

In the latest episode, the ladies discuss the issue of the lack of opportunities for women of color in technology and how companies like Twitter and Google are looking to change that by diversifying their workforce and recruiting more black women.

They also talk about the importance of investing in yourself, developing your skillset and how to utilize and embrace technology to help you advance in business and in life. We are huge proponents of technology and have seen firsthand how it can positively impact a community.


Prior to creating My Natural Sistas, we each had our own individual YouTube channels that we created in 2009, where we documented our natural hair journey and shared personal experiences, natural hair styles, best practices, tips and techniques that we learned through trial and error. This was during a time when the natural hair movement was still fairly new, and detailed tutorials and information on how to maintain, style and care for various textures of natural hair wasn’t readily available.

A couple years later we decided to come together and form My Natural Sistas and share our content on one channel. Our goals for creating our collective YouTube channel were to motivate and inspire women who were thinking about going natural to take the leap, and to help those who were newly natural to continue their journey, while sharing different experiences and perspectives. YouTube was the perfect platform for this purpose because it allowed us to show our methods and tips in a way that was easy for people to understand, follow and share.

In order to create quality content for our YouTube channel, we had to learn how to film and edit, and we also invested in equipment and software that would help us produce great videos. In the Color Full Lives podcast, they mention how important it is to invest in yourself and develop your skillset if you want to accomplish your goals, and to not be afraid to “put yourself out there” – that’s exactly what we did when we created My Natural Sistas, and what we’re still doing today.

We have been embracing technology for over seven years and YouTube isn’t the only platform that has helped us connect with our audience. We’re active on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, and each platform provides a great way to engage, interact and connect with our community. Social media and technology has truly allowed us to create a ‘Sistahood’ of beautiful, like-minded women and has given us a way to communicate, interact and connect with them.


How has technology impacted your lives? Let us know in the comments below. And we have to give big thank you to State Farm for teaming up with with Angela, Fran, and Tatiana to create such an important and inspiring series. Be sure to listen to the first three episodes on Soundcloud or iTunes and follow the ladies to stay updated on future episodes.

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