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A Walk in Their Shoes

Hey Sistas! We’ve teamed up with AT&T + TOMS to let you know about some of the amazing things they have done and continue to do to help people around the world. TOMS was founded by Blake Mycoskie in 2006 after he befriended children in a village in Argentina. After realizing they did not have shoes to protect their feet, he took action and the TOMS “One for One” model was born. TOMS gives one pair of shoes to children around the world for every pair of shoes sold. They also have a vision correction program that was created for their eyewear line in which they provide corrective vision for a visually impaired person in a developing country for every pair of glasses purchased.

AT&T has been powering the TOMS network since the beginning and to celebrate the TOMS 10-year anniversary, they are giving fans the ability to participate in a VR experience that takes viewers on a giving trip to Colombia. The immersive experience is called “A Walk in Their Shoes,” and will allow you to turn, move and experience an actual giving trip with a TOMS customer from California who travels to Colombia to see firsthand how a child benefits from his purchase. For those who can’t experience “A Walk in Their Shoes” in person, you can watch it below or here via 360 on AT&T’s YouTube channel. Be sure to use the arrows on the top left of the video while watching it to get the full 360-degree experience. You can also visit to learn more about the AT&T + TOMS collaboration.

It’s clear that TOMS has social impact at its core and they have been able to achieve great success by having a great business model and business partner in AT&T. Technology is extremely essential to growing companies and brands and has helped us grow My Natural Sistas. Having high speed Internet helps us to not only quickly upload our content to YouTube, but it also allows us to interact, communicate, and engage with our amazing audience. When we first created My Natural Sistas, we only had a YouTube channel, but now we have our own website and a social presence on a plethora of platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat with an audience of over 2.1 million. Staying connected to our community and frequently updating our platforms is extremely important to us as we love to create and share content with the wonderful people who support us!

Editing a video for the My Natural Sistas YouTube channel
Editing a video for the My Natural Sistas YouTube channel
Logging in to
Logging in to

In addition to technology allowing to stay connected at home, it was been a lifesaver while traveling abroad. Last year we traveled to Paris to speak at The Natural Hair Academy and having access to reliable wifi allowed us to stay connected with our family, friends and online community with our mobile devices. We presented for two hours in front of an audience of over 600 and due to the fact that we had an extremely strong wifi connection, we were even able to live stream our presentation with our phone.

My Natural Sistas in Paris
My Natural Sistas presenting at the Natural Hair Academy in Paris
My Natural Sistas in Pais
My Natural Sistas presenting at the Natural Hair Academy in Paris

If only we could have used the VR technology to provide a 360 experience of our presentation, it would have been even more amazing! That experience allowed us to really understand and appreciate the value a great network and also how for we’ve come since we started My Natural Sistas in 2011. We appreciate all of the support we’ve received over the years and look forward to growing, evolving and staying connected.

My Natural Sistas

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